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01 March 2013 @ 05:28 pm
Awkward introductory post is gogogo!

A little bit about meself to start off- I'm a random 22yo(!) hikikomori who's literally just getting back into pokeymanz, at least on the gaming and collecting side of things :> Life put me on what seemed like an indefinite hiatus from the pokeymans, so right now I'm pretty much starting from scratch, and I thought it'd be interesting to document my journey back into the world of Pokemon (hence the blog! :D) Yoroshiku ne~

I finally went out and bought a 3DS yesterday in anticipation of X&Y but I think I may be a little early to that party?^^;; X&Y was definitely a major pull factor for me for getting back into the pokeymans. I can't wait to see Xerneas on the new system interface, it's going to look completely amazing :D At the moment I'm working my way through White2, and I may talk about that on here if anything interesting comes up. I'm also thinking of investing in a copy of Pokemon Conquest depending on its replay value.

Collection-wise, I've literally just started collecting plushies, mainly Leafeon ones. I don't have much to show for it now since it's still teeny orz. I'm thinking of collecting Samurott too, but based on a quick survey of ebay/YJA there doesn't seem to be much variation out there? I'm mainly looking for a Samurott plushie that big-ish (or at least not chibified) and in new-ish condition.

I've also been making pokemon papercraft (patterns courtesy of PaperPokes!) I'm currently working on a Glaceon. Legs can be a pain to make, but the patterns by pokepapercraft always fall together so beautifully even the stuff I attempt to make turn out okay (trust me, that's saying alot) I'll probably upload photos when I'm done^^

Thanks for reading!
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